Visco & latex mattresses for better sleep quality

In the current report, the tested visco and latex mattresses score no less than “very good”, “good” or “satisfactory”. This shows that these two types of mattresses provide good conditions for a restful sleep. The visco and latex mattresses in the text are suitable for most people in the back and side position. This is due to the good to very good adaptability of visco foam, latex, and especially natural latex.

The high body adaptation provides an excellent basis for optimal support and pressure relief. The result is a relaxed, mostly soft feeling. In addition, the high dimensional stability of latex mattresses and the memory effect of the visco foam are further plus points for an optimal sleeping position during the night. Visco and latex have high thermal insulation and are more suitable for people who quickly freeze to avoid heavy sweating during sleep.

Testing according to the HEIA system

Assigns the sleepers to the HEIA system for assessment of lying characteristics. This is important because physique, height, and weight are not negligible factors for a good sleep on a mattress. The following body types, therefore, experience good sleeping comfort on the tested mattresses.

  • H-types are big and compact. Shoulders, chest, and abdomen are about the same. The hip is rather narrow and they have more stomach than butt.
  • The E-type is tall, normal in body shape to slim and has broader shoulders than hips.
  • Body Type-I corresponds to individuals who are small to medium in size and slim. Hips and shoulders are about the same width.
  • Persons of A-physique are small to medium-sized individuals with narrow shoulders and a slim waist. Po and thighs are strong.

Depending on the load area and load weight, a mattress must use more or less force to support the person. Too deep or too little sinking can cause long-term damage to the body during sleep. For a long service life with effective effect, the mattress must have sufficient dimensional stability and appropriate zoning and strength. Therefore choose your optimal mattress with the body type Scheme. In your mind, the idea is that what are the ideal mattresses for stomach sleepers

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