Mattresses for hotels and retirement homes:

We talked about the importance of choosing a good mattress for your home, a sort of adventure companion that will contribute very significantly to our well-being. The mattress must be chosen carefully and sparingly, we must opt for a model suited to our needs, to our tastes and think about a long-term purchase, in the sense that the mattress we choose will be with us for 7-10 years and the expense will be, although important, must be justified by quality first and foremost.

So agree on a good mattress that meets our needs and makes us sleep well. But when the choice concerns other people, when the choice concerns more people, when the choice concerns strangers how should one behave? What happens when you need to choose someone else’s sleep?

How do you decide to choose the mattress, for example for our hotel, our bed & breakfast or for the rest home we manage? On our blog there is more information on, you can avail much more information there.

In these cases, it is not possible to know the needs and requirements of those who will be our guests but one can keep in mind some fundamental rules. First of all, we must start from the assumption that the guest/client must rest well. It is his right and it is our duty to honor him.

First and foremost it is necessary to follow what dictates the legislation in this regard.

Fireproof mattresses: the legislation:

Current regulations require that items such as upholstered furniture and mattresses to be used in hotels used for hotel accommodation must meet certain requirements so as not to damage collective safety.

In particular, the legislation refers to the behavior of the mattresses. To this end, in order to assess the fire behavior of the mattresses, reference should be made to the test method “Reaction to the fire of upholstered furniture subjected to the action of a small flame” which provides for a different classification.