Difference between natural latex and synthetic latex:

The mattresses, placed next to pillows and nets, are indispensable products to be able to rest well and in a healthy way. Choosing well involves the evaluation of many aspects that contribute to the overall well-being of the person. A good mattress does not necessarily have to cost a fortune and, on the other hand, too inviting offers can prove to be real commercial deceptions. We see together the characteristics of a good latex mattress, which can help us achieve a significantly higher quality of sleep.

Difference between natural latex and synthetic latex:

Latex is the generic term used to indicate products made of 100% natural latex, synthetic latex or a combination of the two. However, the difference is also very important in terms of legislation. The 100% natural latex is a product of vegetable origin obtained from the sap of a plant and, the producers who use it, are obliged by law to indicate this origin.

The synthetic latex is obtained from the polymerization of hydrocarbons such as polyethylene and has characteristics similar to those of the natural product. Specifying the origin of the foam is of fundamental importance since costs and physical reactions to the latex are extremely different. The 100% natural latex can lead to allergic reactions in certain subjects and has a much higher cost, whereas these reactions do not occur with synthetic latex and the production costs are much lower.

To protect the consumer, the legislation on the subject obliges producers and traders to specify percentages, heights, and origins of the latexes used in the production of mattresses and sleep articles. The latex, worked in different lift areas, supports the body in a balanced way by keeping the musculoskeletal system in a correct position during all the phases of sleep.

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Who is a latex mattress recommended for?

Maintaining the shape of the body is recommended for double mattresses wherein the couple, there is a strong weight difference or a different night posture.

In case of allergy to 100% natural latex, synthetic latex can be used to exclude reactions to the material. On the market, there are mattresses that use latex combined with other manufacturing materials such as Memory or Waterlily or mattresses that alternate latex and other structures such as springs. In any case, the manufacturer is obliged to indicate each component used and provide the necessary guarantees.